About Technoboiler Company

• Planning the implementation of organizational self-assessment at the level of employees and managers • Evaluation and management of organizational knowledge risk • Transformation and organizational productivity

• Feasibility of projects, preparation of explanatory plan, planning and control of projects • Management and evaluation systems

• Creating a strategic management system • Planning business processes • Assessment and training program
About Technoboiler Company

We are here to make the best

This company, was registered in the Registration Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran Province with registration number 28766 with a group of experienced engineers in 1977.

This company has the 4th rank in the field of facilities and equipment and the 5th rank in oil and gas. Therefore, in order to realize its long-term goals, it has started a wider activity than before. The old history of this company shows extensive activity in the field of construction.


It is hoped that we will not spare any efforts to achieve this goal and take a big step towards the pride of our beloved country in all fields, especially construction self-sufficiency.

Goals and Plans

  • The use of domestic products, especially in the field of products that can be manufactured by Iranian experts
  • Supporting the scientific projects and ideas of students, industrialists and investing in order to activate the talents of Iranian youth
  • Job creation by the annual developmet of the company and the transfer of experience to young people
  • Target market attraction and useful competition with colleagues

Personnel composition

More than 90% of the personnel of this company are highly educated and have up-to-date expertise. The strategy of the group is based on the use of experienced consultants, including university professors and lecturers of technical and engineering of the country, in order to train, upgrade and keep up-to-date the knowledge and skills of the managerial, technical and administrative staff.